For Our Clients

Reciprocity Health provides insurers and at-risk providers an opportunity to reduce unnecessary healthcare costs that result from patient non-adherence to care programs. Using our proprietary engagement algorithms, artificial intelligence-based behavioral change modeling, and robust financial incentives, Reciprocity Health builds custom campaigns to encourage targeted patient populations toward a healthier path. Leveraging its own TheraPay patient engagement platform, Reciprocity Health can drive engagement, adherence, and continuity for your care management programs. 

Every Reciprocity Health Engagement Includes:

Utilizing proprietary methodology, Reciprocity Health helps organizations target the ideal care programming that can benefit from member adherence acceleration through incentives.


Incentive Modeling

Once a program is identified, Reciprocity Health's team of Behavioral Economists works in collaboration with care partners to develop the custom program to address adherence goals.

App & Web Friendly Patient Portal

Reciprocity Health's customizable portal allows members to choose from a variety of incentive plans that each drive healthier personal outcomes.

No program would be complete without real-time and post-event analysis. Reciprocity Health's client dashboard and program KPI reports provide insight into current ROI and future program potential.

Targeted ROI

for Care Programs


& Reporting

For Our Members

Reciprocity Health knows that every insurer’s patient population is faced with individualized challenges that often diminish adherence to important care programs.  Our job is to introduce a tailwind to your members. In collaboration with our clients, we leverage our technology platform to design and manage condition-specific incentive programs to member populations. Reciprocity Health is not a clinical provider but acts as a partner to the best in-market clinical programs and deploys incentive campaigns that drive higher program adherence. Through gamification, peer-to-peer coaching, and financial incentives, our results are proven to drive healthier patient outcomes while providing long term cost savings.

Every Reciprocity Health Engagement Includes:

Customized Engagement Plans

Reciprocity Health programs are designed to promote and reward better health decisions through an easy to follow curriculum and a community of members all focused on a shared goal: a healthier you. 

Multiple Care Program Options 

Reciprocity Health does not believe care programs can be one-size fits all. We are the only incentive platform to offer members a variety of proven design options to choose from.

High Value Incentives

With the highest value incentives for completing your care program tasks, Reciprocity Health's dynamic behavioral modeling solves for the optimal value to drive peak engagement among members.

App & No-Fee Debit Card

Utilizing Reciprocity Health's app and web-portal, TheraPay, members clearly see the care program steps that lead to financial rewards and receive funds each time a goal is achieved.